Liberate the medicine

City medicine deserves a great revolution in its technological tools, its means of communication and its invoicing system. BlockPill proposes a new paradigm in which the prescription object is under the control of the patient and becomes the common object of collaboration of health professionals. Facilitating communication and information exchange in complete trust between healthcare professionals is essential to the safety of care and beneficial to your time management. BlockPill brings you technologies that will change your daily life.


Be informed easily

During your consultation, you can change the treatments prescribed to your patient. These changes are in addition to its “prescription chain” and the “register” of each participant in this chain is automatically updated. Thus, all the health professionals who care for your patient can work calmly on the same prescription. You will in turn be informed of any changes made to the “chain” by one of your colleagues. You can consult the history of this “prescription chain” to facilitate your therapeutic choice.


Communicate directly

You benefit from a 100% secure communication platform. You are in direct contact with all the health professionals who take care of your patient. You no longer waste your time trying to reach a colleague, even a hospitaler, and your exchanges, documents or letters are entirely private and secure.


Safety first

Our technology automatically checks the adequacy between the doctor’s prescription and the drugs dispensed by the pharmaceutical team. The process is secure from start to finish. You are sure that your patient is receiving the medicines you have prescribed. At the pharmacy, you relieve your team of delivery errors.


Get paid instantly

The BlockPill team is working to implement an innovative and reliable payment system. The smart contract payment technology we are developing will allow you to offer a third party payment to all your patients without worrying about your remuneration. You will see your payment instantly. Billing rejections will soon be a thing of the past !

Simple operation

As soon as you are a member of the BlockPill professional network, you have access to all its features.

During the first consultation, your patient adds you to his/her network of healthcare professionals, giving you access to his/her data*. This way, you can consult his/her medication history and prescribe your therapies in complete safety.

At the pharmacy, you have access to your patient’s prescription chain. When you dispense, BlockPill ensures you an exact match with the prescription. Your delivery is 100% secure.

As soon as BlockPill sets up smart contracts, each healthcare professional will be able to invoice the paying agencies for their actions without any fear of payment rejection.

*Administrative data, prescription chain and history.

What the studies say.

“The Institute of Medicine has estimated that 1.5 million preventable ADEs (i.e Adverse Drug Event) occur in the United States each year and more than 7,000 patient deaths can be linked to poor handwriting and prescription filling errors.”

“An increase in efficiency is seen after implementing e-prescribing, mainly due to less paperwork and fewer issues needing to be resolved.”

Amber Porterfield, MS; Kate Engelbert, MS; Alberto Coustasse, DrPH, MD, MBA. Electronic Prescribing: Improving the Efficiency and Accuracy of Prescribing in the Ambulatory Care Setting; 2014.

“The Surescripts study (…) found a 10 percent increase in prescriptions picked up when e-prescribed compared to written prescriptions.”

Surescripts. Study: E-prescribing Shown to Improve Outcomes and Save Healthcare System Billions of Dollars; 2012.