Liberate the health

We all have a passport that seals our membership in a nation. We are part of a community of individuals who share the same habitat and social rules. Our health, however, has no geographical boundaries, it has no nationality and it does not stop at the border when we travel. It is the elusive element that composes us, that sometimes fails us, but that accompanies us everywhere we go. At BlockPill we believe that state boundaries cannot continue to apply to our health. Because we are all inhabitants of the planet, our health must be globalized. Your medical prescription must be universal.

The patient is a key player

No more debate about data ownership. BlockPill reverses a system thought upside down and sees the patient as the partner of healthcare professionals, sharing access to his prescription data with his network of professionals who take care of him. What could be more logical since it is the common element of all. BlockPill supports the idea of a more active patient who is more responsible in his choices. He is thus better guided by the health professionals around him.

Safety of care first and foremost

Multiplying physicians means multiplying prescriptions, increasing the risk of patient confusion, increasing the number of specialties prescribed and the risk of drug interactions. Information is the priority to avoid making an error that is detrimental to the patient. Access to a single, up-to-date and always available prescription is the solution for everyone.
At the pharmacy, the security of care depends on the computerization of the distribution. Technical tools exist to ensure the adequacy between the prescription and the drugs dispensed. The energy of the pharmaceutical team must be focused on advising the patient.

communication must be improved

Accessing information quickly and communicating easily between health professionals are essential to today’s medicine. At the time of WhatsApp, Slack or Telegram, the tools available to health professionals seem well dated. Can we be happy to send postal mail, emails or faxes these days?
City medicine deserves to move into the 21st century!

Allow each professional to focus on care

The administrative tasks on health professionals is far too great and embolizes care time. A health professional must neither be responsible for nor suffer the consequences of the administrative inaccuracies of the paying agencies. Medical time is far too precious to be wasted in tedious administrative procedures. New technologies must be used for the benefit of care, which is the priority of every health professional.

The freedom to work

We do not share the marketing concepts of companies that take us prisoner by commercial obligations or very expensive licensing fees. The objective of each company must be customer satisfaction. The latter must be free in his decisions. We value these principles of freedom and customer care. Our ambition is to enable all healthcare professionals to be equipped with the latest technologies. BlockPill will remain free of obligation and without license fees. You do not pay to use our technologies but because you use them.

The founder

With more than ten years of experience in the field of pharmacy, both in hospital and in the city, I have seen the partial efficiency of health care systems and the concerns of patients and my health colleagues. By creating BlockPill, I decided to provide solutions that allow for more efficient patient management.  

As a result, our team is working together to design the functionalities of BlockPill to provide patients and healthcare professionals with a safe, simple and seamless healthcare system.