Our vision


Allow each professional to focus on care.

Two findings are clearly identified. This is far too important an administrative task that weighs on health professionals and embolizes care time. An administrative work that is also tiring…. We believe that wasting time processing paperwork is not an option in a system that is under-staffed with health professionals. BlockPill is designed to remove this constraint and make you smile again. 

Being paid for your work is a matter of course.

We believe that a health professional should not be responsible for the administrative inaccuracies that bind patients to their paying agencies, nor should they suffer the consequences. The BlockPill system gives the responsibility for control back to the administrative agents of the health insurance organisations. 

The patient is a key player.

Any initiative that improves patient involvement in their care journey is essential. His commitment is a major criterion influencing his compliance with treatment and the success of his care. We see the patient as the partner of healthcare professionals, conveying the information necessary for better care and facilitating their communication.

We are all a patient of a health professional. The easier we make his work, the more available he will be for our care. 

Safety of care first and foremost.

Multiplying practitioners means multiplying prescriptions, increasing the risk of patient confusion, increasing the number of specialties prescribed and the risk of drug interactions. Information is the priority. Access to a single prescription, always available, is the solution for everyone.

Paying to work ?

BlockPill has the ambition to develop a service without commitment and without license fees. We want to bring professional freedom to health actors, who can take advantage of BlockPill whenever they need it. Access to the service is free of charge. You do not pay to use it but because you use it !

Our objective: to enable every professional in private practice to benefit from BlockPill’s services.

The founder

A health professional

With more than ten years of experience in the field of pharmacy, both in hospital and in the city, I have seen the partial efficiency of health care systems and the concerns of patients and my health colleagues. By creating BlockPill, I decided to provide solutions that allow for more efficient patient management.  

As a result, our team is working together to design the functionalities of BlockPill to provide patients and healthcare professionals with a safe, simple and seamless healthcare system.