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The safest and most reliable city health network ever born.

We transform the healthcare system to bring you a better experience, a greater security and a real liberty. We believe in a universal medical prescription that can be issued in all countries. We believe that better communication between healthcare professionals is the key to your safety. We are convinced that the patient is the central element of any healthcare system and the best common element for all healthcare professionals.

In the BlockPill system, you become the conductor of your health. Your new medical prescription changes your “prescription chain”. In this new paradigm, the doctors you consult prescribe your medications by changing your chain. You decide which healthcare professionals you want to add to your health network. Professionals can then interact easily through the communication platform. This means that with each new specialist visit or pharmacy visit, your healthcare professional has access to your current prescription and can easily interact with your healthcare network if necessary. You will not be subject to a medication error.

Your prescription becomes “alive” and guarantees your safety
    • You share your “prescription chain” with all the prescribers you consult. Your doctors are thus informed of the drugs prescribed by their colleagues and can review your history, avoiding drug interactions.
    • You have a single, up-to-date prescription, even if you consult several specialists.
    • At the pharmacy, the delivery of your medicines is 100% safe and in accordance with your doctor’s prescription.
Take power over your prescription
    • You can never lose your prescription again ! It is kept in your vault in complete confidentiality.
    • Your get access to your prescription chain at any time and everywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • You keep control over your prescription chain. You are the one who allows health professionals to prescribe on your chain.
Benefit from third-party paiement !
    • Your health professionals are paid directly by your insurance. From your smartphone you just have to validate. Thus, you no longer advance any health costs.
    • You no longer have to keep all your papers or insurance cards in your wallet to prove your rights. Everything is done transparently and independently in your healthcare professional’s office.
    • If your insurance cannot cover all your health costs and you still have a part to pay, you know it immediately. Everything is transparent. There will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.
An international ambition

BlockPill has the desire to accompany you wherever you are. Its network of healthcare professionals is expanding in Europe and around the world to ensure you a maximum liberty. Even outside your country of residence, you retain control over your prescription. If necessary, you can easily communicate about your treatments and have your medicines delivered. Your prescription is certified and valid everywhere. You can move or travel peacefully*.


*The third-party payment service abroad depends on your insurance contract. Please check it out before traveling. 

Our technology


BlockPill uses “distributed ledger” technology to enable trusted communication between different health stakeholders. The decentralization of the data allowed by this technology guarantees to the different participants of the network that everyone has the same information. BlockPill is built on the Corda open source blockchain and push this technology at the service of health. Thus, each professional who takes care of you can work on the same data as the other health partners. Medical prescription becomes an object of collaboration between the different healthcare professionals in your network.

Taking advantage of the properties of the Corda blockchain, BlockPill is building, alongside its insurance and social security partners, a global healthcare payment platform. Soon, it will be possible to pay for all your city treatments everywhere on the planet.

Our technology guarantees data confidentiality. It was developed on a “need to know basis”, allowing only participants involved in a “prescription chain” to have access to the data. In accordance with these values, BlockPill does not have access to your prescription and cannot use your data. Only healthcare professionals you consult can backup and interact with your data. Medical confidentiality is then fully preserved.

BlockPill is 100% secure and complies with the GDPR.

More information on the benefits of distributed ledger here.


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