Health in smart.

The safest and most reliable city care system ever born.

Two innovations that are revolutionizing health:

Smart contracts provide a 100% reliable and efficient third-party payment system, both for you and the healthcare professional who takes care of you. You no longer advance any health costs, neither for your medical consultations nor for your medicines.

The single prescription ! No matter how many doctors you consult, your prescription is unique, up-to-date and accessible at all times. In addition, all the doctors and pharmacists you consult can access your latest prescription. 

BlockPill is your 21st century health wallet. Your illegible prescriptions folded in your bag, your lost or not updated insurance credentials are just old memories. 

In practice, what does BlockPill offer me ?

Your prescription becomes “alive” and guarantees your safety.
  • BlockPill guarantees 100% safe dispensing of drugs at the pharmacy in accordance with your doctor’s prescription.
  • All the doctors you consult are informed of the drugs prescribed by their colleagues, thus avoiding drug interactions.
  • All your prescriptions merge and result in a single, up-to-date prescription. 
Your prescription is always available.
  • Our technology ensures that you have access to your prescription at all times and on all your devices.
  • From your smartphone, you can easily send your prescription to your pharmacist.
  • Your prescription follows you everywhere, even abroad.
You pay without paying !
  • Your health insurance rights are always accessible thanks to your “smart contracts”.
  • You do not advance any expenses to your healthcare professional. Your “smart contract” pays instantly for you. 
  • All you have to do is confirm payment to your healthcare professional. It’s easy !
An international expansion.

BlockPill aims to provide you with its services wherever you are. Its network of healthcare professionals is expanding in Europe and around the world to ensure maximum safety. Even outside your country of residence, you retain control over your prescription and do not advance any health costs*. You can start travelling with peace of mind !

*Function of your insurance policy

A straightforward process.

Once your BlockPill wallet is created, you will be able to better control your health data.

With each new doctor consulted, or pharmacy visited, you will be able to give access to your e-prescription. With your smartphone, you add each healthcare professional who takes care of you to your “chain” of doctors authorized to access your data. All the health professionals you consult can thus easily communicate about your treatments and ensure your safety.

BlockPill is transparent about the cost of your care. When you activate payment through your smart contract, your healthcare professional is paid immediately by your insurance. On your side, you instantly know your remaining costs. Everything is clear !

How to access the BlockPill service ?
Nothing could be easier! Just register on the site, we take care of the rest. Besides, it’s free !


Our technology…


BlockPill uses “blockchain” technology to enable the creation of “smart contracts” between patients and paying agencies, such as social security or insurers. Each patient with a BlockPill account has a “smart contract” with their paying agency.

This “smart contract” includes the terms of the agreement and your health insurance rights, which are translated into IT code. This IT code is executed autonomously when the conditions of the contract are met.

The combined properties of smart contracts and blockchain technology allow financial transactions within the BlockPill network to be automatic, reliable, and immutable.

Our technology guarantees data confidentiality. It was developed on a “need-to-know basis”, allowing only those involved in a transaction to have access to the data. The system uses cryptographic technologies and hash functions to ensure data confidentiality and security. 

BlockPill is 100% secure and complies with the RGPD.

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